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Summer Reading Program

Please join your Great Destination’s family and help us launch the public library summer reading program. The public library will run a reading program from June 1st-August 1st for children birth-12 and teens 12-18.  In Peoria, the program is called “Peoria Reads”. There will be prizes, activities and lots of fun to encourage reading. Visit www.library.peoriaaz.gov for more information and to sign your child up.
Summer is a great time to take weekly trips to your local library, check-out some books and enjoy reading! Most of your child’s favorite books are available as audio books, too. You can check them out for that long summer road trip.
Why are we so excited about the summer reading program?
  • Much of a child’s learning capacity is established under 3 years old
  • Under 3 years old, a child’s brain grows up to 90% of their eventual adult size
  • Reading just 15-30 minutes aloud each day to your childstarting at birth enhances a child’s learning capacity, language skills, and later reading success
  • Reading aloud to your child is the single most important thing you can do to help children prepare for learning and reading
  • Studies show that parents who emphasize reading as entertainment and for enjoyment develop their children’s love for reading and positive attitude towards reading later in life
  • Sadly, studies show that the amount of television a child watches in one day is equivalent to the amount they read for fun in one week
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the following:
  • Children <2 years old have no TV or electronic time                                                      
  • Children >2 years old only 1-2 hours per day of TV or media time including computers, video games, iPad and iPhone time
Library Card Contest
Your child can design the next Peoria Public Library Card! This summer the Peoria Public Library is holding a Library Card Contest. The theme is “Build a Better World!” There are two age groups to participate in; Youth Card: ages 5-11 and Teen Card: ages 12-17. We have enrollment forms in the front office or you can visit your local library to enter.
Have fun and read on!