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Toddler Toy Recommendations



Here's What the Academy of Pediatrics Thinks You Should Buy Your Toddlers for Christmas and We Agree!
The AP (12/3) reports that pediatricians recommend that the “best toys for tots” are not electronics, rather the best are “old-fashioned hands-on playthings that young children can enjoy with parents – things like blocks, puzzles – even throwaway cardboard boxes – that spark imagination and creativity.” The American Academy of Pediatrics report released Monday “cites studies suggesting that heavy use of electronic media may interfere with children’s speech and language development, replace important playtime with parents and lead to obesity.” The co-author of the report, Dr. Alan Mendelsohn, said, “A little bit of screen time here and there is unlikely to have much harm if a child otherwise has other activity.”
        ABC News (12/3) reports, “As ‘interactive’ electronic toys increasingly fill stores and children’s rooms, the AAP warns families against using them as a replacement to traditional hands-on toys and games, which aid in healthy development.” Dr. Aleeya Healey, the lead author of the report, explained, “Research tells us that the best toys need not be flashy or expensive or come with an app. Simple, in this case, really is better.”
        The Los Angeles Times (12/3) says the AAP’s report said, “Evidence suggests that core elements of such toys (eg, lights and sounds emanating from a robot) detract from social engagement that might otherwise take place … and that may be important for social development.”
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