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Why is this a problem?
  • Media exposure including TV, video games, iPhones, iPads and computers has been linked with the following negative health outcomes for children and teens: 
    • Obesity
    • Tobacco, drug and alcohol use
    •  Poor school performance
    • Aggressive behavior
    • Increased stress
    • Increase in sexual activity
  • Babies under 2 years old exposed to video, TV and other forms of media have a higher chance of suffering from language, developmental and social delays.
What are the current recommendations?
  • Children < 2 years old have no TV or electronic time
  • Children > 2 years old have only 1-2 hours per day of TV or media time including computers, video games, iPad and iPhone time
About the Raffle
We want to encourage families to “unplug” this month. Pick a week (yes, an entire week!) this month and unplug your family from TV, video games, computer time, iPad and any other electronics you have. Of course this excludes work commitments and homework.
What are we going to do without our electronics?
Play cards, read stories together, play at the park, go for a walk (when the sun goes down), play board games, or do a scavenger hunt. Check out our "Get Out and Play" handout under the Patient Handouts section. 
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