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Great Destinations Pediatrics was created through the eyes of a child. Children love adventures. Why not build a medical facility that would take parents and kids on a wonderful journey? Where kids could play and feel comfrotable while parents could rest assured that they were getting the finest medical care available.

Great Destinations Pediatrics,  with the help of local artist Dee Dee Daus, transformed an ordinary office into a train depot which leads you through Central Park or to a tropical getaway depending on the reason for your visit (separate “well” and “sick” waiting areas). When the whistle blows, kids get on board and travel to a ball park, an adventure with dinosaurs, and even beneath the sea to search for buried treasure. Every room is a different, delightful destination to entertain, amuse, and expand your child’s imagination.

Artist Information:
Artist: Dee Dee Daus
Email address: m.daus@cox.net
Telephone: 602-284-0246